Presidential Address


Professor Tomohito Harada

My fellow members!

Civil societies exist because there are free citizens. Democratic states exist because the power resides in the people. Social studies exists because of the fervor and endeavors of the men and women striving to secure the social consciousness of our children and to foster the next generation of leaders who will contribute to a democratic state and civil society. The same can be said about our association. We are not here because of JERASS; rather, JERASS exists because of each and every one of us. To paraphrase the words used by John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address, to all my fellow JERASS members and those who are considering joining us: ask not what JERASS can do for you—ask what you can do for JERASS. Of course, you must ask of us—the association directors, myself included—the same high standards of strength and sacrifice that we ask of you.

It is now almost seventy years since social studies was established as a field of education in Japan. I believe that social studies is entering a time of great crisis. I refer not only to the way the present administration is seeking to extricate Japan from the post-war system. I fear also that people are losing sight of the founding purpose of social studies, and losing their passion for building a civil society and a democratic state. Are we to suppose that Japan’s civil society and democratic state have matured to the extent that we can afford to be so complacent? I do not think so. Therefore, our association exists as a platform where anyone can discuss social studies and social studies education freely, without constraint, and develop and assess theories and practices in the field. Through JERASS, let us advance work toward the perpetuation of social studies.



Department of Social Studies Education, Graduate School of Education
Hiroshima University
1-1-1, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima,Hiroshima
739-8524, JAPAN

【TEL】 082-424-4670
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The 67th JERASS Annual Conference
The 67th JERASS Annual Conference
【Place】Yamanashi University
【Date】October 20-21, 2018
Further details will be announced later.